Northern Fuel Distributors fully supports any initiative that promotes the development of Africa and addresses the imbalances of the past by seeking to substantially and equitably transfer and confer the ownership, management and control of Namibia's financial and economic resources to the majority of the citizens.

Northern Fuel Distributors is a small privately family owned company that is an equal opportunity employer. We are contributing to the leveling of opportunities by employing only black drivers.

For NFD, Black Economic Empowerment must be a practical and sustainable element and 22 of our 30 employees are from the formerly disadvantaged communities. We do not only present these numbers and use it in our documentation for our benefit, but these employees are actually some of our highest paid employees in our business. We truly believe in empowerment through financial and educational gain of all employees.

Our aim is to establish Northern Fuel Distributors as a truly Namibian fuel transport company managed by Namibians. We aim to create a company that can compete with the best that Africa has to offer.

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