HES Policy and Management

Northern Fuel Distributors is committed to protect the environment and to minimize the health and safety risks to our employees and general public in which we operate and do business. Health, safe road transport and environment protection is one of the highest priorities of the oil industry, which Northern Fuel Distributors works for, and therefore we have adopted the same attitude.

Northern Fuel Distributors have a Health, Environment and Safety Management System (HESMS) that addresses, manages and measures the key issues in HES. Northern Fuel Distributors strives to continuously improve our performance in each of these areas and to meet all the demands and standards set by the Oil Industry and their role players.

The purpose of the HESMS is to assure a safe and healthy workplace and responsible stewardship of the environment by establishing the goal of preventing or eliminating activities and conditions in our road transport operations which pose an unacceptable risk to human health or safety, property or the environment, and by promoting sound HES practices among all employees through regular training programs.

The business place is an ever changing environment and through managing these changes we aim to adapt our strategy to conform to the latest requirements and regulations set by the government and the industry.

The company wants to establish a respected appearance in the general public through the management of all aspects with regard to the health and safety of all individuals who will come in contact with the company during our daily operations and to the protection of the environment in which the company conduct its full business operations.

In our latest HSE audit conducted by Chevron, Northern Fuel Distributors scored above 90% on the audit. This is the excellence we strive for in our business and these results prove that we are proactive in our approach to safety.

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