Our fleet

Our fleet comprises of the following:

Fleet Qty Max volume  Compartments
Rigid 3 16000lt 4
Rigid 1 9500lt 3
Rigid 2 17500lt 2
Draw bar trailer 1 12000lt 2
Tractor with tri-axle semi 4 42000lt 7
Tractor with tri-axle semi 2 36000lt 6
Pup trailers  2 12000lt 2
Our tankers are built to the latest and highest fuel specifications required by the oil industry and statutory regulations. All our vehicles were designed and manufactured by Tank Clinic and are designed and built to International Standard.

All the rigid vehicles are fitted with diesel meters for above ground deliveries. All our vehicles are fitted with an onboard computer system (OBC). Our OBC system is driven by Geotab, which is a GPS based, active satellite tracking system. It provides us with on-the-minute accurate, vital information, which enables us to actively manage our drivers.   

Our tankers are fitted with the latest in advanced safety truck features like overfill censors, vapor recovery (on some), hand rails, side under run bumpers, roll over protection, shear off bottom valves, double pole isolator switches etc.

Our fleet of truck units comprises of Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Freight liner vehicles and the maintenance of our fleet is handled in-house by a qualified diesel and petrol mechanic, in a well equipped workshop.

Northern Fuel Distributors has a vehicle replacement policy that aims to keep the age of our vehicles under 10years for prime movers and under 15years for tankers.

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